The clothes that we wear are more than just a fashion statement. Nowadays it also has a utility purpose that can help us with our day-to-day lives. Whether it is for simply being comfortable at home, sportswear, leisure wear, or just high-fashion clothing to celebrate important occasions. There is no doubt that fashion and clothing have now evolved towards making any activity more productive and conducive.

Today, we’ll be exploring different types of athletic apparel of sportswear clothing. These are clothes are rising on the trends list that at the same time help us improve our performance while doing sports while raising our comfort meters high.


1. Running Shoes

One of the most important varieties when it comes to sportswear, running shoes can be used in almost any sport. Whether just for jogging, running marathons, or just going to lift weights at the gym, there is no double that running shoes can help avoid fractures as it built to provide a good cushion to our foot movement during intense activities.

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2. Ankle Socks

Compared to running shoes, ankle socks or also known as trainer socks, are mostly used as added protection if you’re one of those looking to have light shoe materials. Since generally athletic shoes can be bulky if you have tons of support in them, ankle sock is a great alternative in getting the same benefits albeit separately from the shoes. 


3. Dri-Fit T-Shirt

If you’re into high-intensity sports activities, sweat will always be part of the game. If you use normal t-shirts, chances are they will not only absorb the sweat but also makes it heavier and uncomfortable. Using a Dri-Fit shirt removes this problem as it is particularly designed to handle sweat better than ordinary cotton. Aside from sweat prevention, it also helps in keeping you dry all the time.


4. Tennis Skirt

Inspired by the elegance of Sport, a timeless design with performance fabric and sharp tailoring. The feminine style is made for comfort with a lightweight stretch twill. On the court, pair it with a Seamless Short.


5. Hiking Boots

Sportswear can also be important for hikers. You can’t use ordinary footwear as this may now have the same level of grip and balance, especially during climbs. Hiking shoes are important as it is created to give you additional support and balance while maintaining durability even in the harshest conditions.


6. Basketball Shoes

If you play basketball most of the time, you already know the different movements that you do. Aside from running around the court, the agility required to shift and jump just exposes your feet to different types of maneuvers. Adidas Basketball shoes are meant to create protection for your ankle during these rigid movements. That’s why even if you jump or change directions in an instant, you’ll have better balance and are less prone to injuries. 


7. Cross Trainer Shorts

These shorts are created to be adaptive to the different sports that you play. They are usually made from polyester or fabric that is a better fit for sporting activities. The main benefit of this is that it has sweat-avoiding qualities that make it easier to move and does not affect your movements at all even in the middle of high-intensity sessions.